Sunday, 26 July 2015

For some reason I've just been drawing a lot of classic video game characters...

Since I last wrote about my love of doodling but lack of skill (way back here in 2013), I have just kind of kept going. More and more, especially over the last year, I have been doodling every week, if not every other day.

Most of my creative time these days is spent using the pen tool on Adobe Illustrator, which is not very similar to the way that I draw at all. I use Illustrator to create, stylistically, very different things to how I actually draw. One day I hope I can smoosh the two together, which is one of the primary reasons I have been wanting to practise so much. It helps me think about shapes, shading, framing and how light is falling on the subject. It's like having to relearn everything I know and love about photography in order to be able to illustrations or designs with the same amount of depth and detail I try to get into my photography

The biggest step for me in this is dealing with colour. Physical, on paper, not going anywhere colour. Digital colouring that I use for my poster designs (and actually for two of these drawings, King Dedede (the penguin with the hammer) and Pikachu) is something that can be altered, changed, inverted or completely removed at the click of a button. These following doodles have all been painted with watercolours, which is something I had never even used up until about a year ago. It has been a real learning process, but has helped with my confidence when it comes to committing to paper. I have started to build up a collection of coloured pens, as well as watercolours and brushes, enabling me to experiment and doodle as I go about my life outside of my flat.

So, here is a collection of classic video game characters, hand doodled and water coloured (apart from, as mentioned, King Dedede and Pikachu, who were drawn, scanned and digitally painted in photoshop). I added their names in Japanese, as originally I had a big awesome font with their western names on...and then decided that it was too distracting. They also serve as flash cards to help me remember my Japanese kana. Also, some coloured lens flare has been added for dramatic effect - not effecting the original colours of the paint too much though.