Friday, 18 October 2013


I would like to start this off just by saying thank you to everybody who voted for my poster (as mentioned in the previous post...but if you're not bothered to go back, I designed and entered a poster into a competition  to be used as an official alternate poster for the upcoming film "Filth", based on the novel by Irvine Welsh.). In the public vote, I came 20th or 21st, out of god knows how many entries, so that is just super cool and has made me very happy! So again, thank you.

Second of all - I'M MOVING HOUSE. This last month has been mega busy with sorting things out and getting other projects finished, and I have therefore neglected my poor blog. POOR BLOG. It'll be ok, little blog. Hang in there.

I wanted to use this post to collate two series of images that I have been editing and uploading to my Instagram about a month ago. Both were inspired by the return of Karli, who spent a month in Japan, of which I am very jealous! The first was a series that lasted a week, which I labelled with the hashtag #7DaysOfJapan, which was a new image each day of a few of the moments that really stuck to my brain while in Japan.

The second I named #JapaneseCreatureFeature, which initially started because I wanted to include a few animal shots in my #7DaysOfJapan series, but decided there was nothing overly Japanese about a few of them, so they didn't really fit in with the feel of the other images. However, all these animal photos were taken in Japan so really that argument is invalid. Maybe I just had too many photos to upload.

Have a look at them. Take them in. I tried to capture my memories as faithfully as I could.

The mountains surrounding the Usuki Stone Buddhas in Oita.
A man who seemed to be extremely late in the first few hours of me being in Tokyo
Taken up high from the Tokyo Skytree
Most delicious. Tiny hidden Ramen restaurant in Shibuya
Mountain sounds in Beppu
Totally camouflaged. 
Corridor of Light
BRING ON THE MONKEYS...and the rest of my photos of animals

A mountain full of monkeys in Oita
Penguin feeding time at Tokyo Aquarium. They look like they'd rip you apart. The piranhas of the Antarctic.
Wiggley fish hiding out in Tokyo Aquarium. Wiggley fish is the latin name for them.
Taking a dip at Tokyo Zoo.
The saddest elephant I have ever seen
One of these guys is upside down. But which one?
So, six months after my last pictorial blog post about Japan, I think I've probably rinsed my Japanese images for all they're worth. I hope you enjoyed them!