Friday, 24 May 2013

Instant Italy

This is going to be a terribly English post. Not that it's going to be written in terrible english, but I guess because it's essentially about the weather.

What a terrible way to start a post...

As you may have, or may have probably not, noticed in my last post, I mentioned that I was writing at an airport, that being the reason why the post was so rushed and vague about everything ever. Not that it made a change to my normal terrible writing style.

Conversationally sporadic is how I'd probably describe it. My writing style.

But, anyway I went away for a week visting some lovely hot sunshine filled locations around the Mediterranean. Now I'm back in England and it's wet and damp and I have got a cough and bleurgh.

So I was mostly in Italy, also Spain and Causica. I took it as a good opportunity to bust out one of my favourite things I bought on my last trip which was my fujifilm instax. It's white and neat and cute.

Just look at it!
Juggle 'dem oranges.

It takes photos that look like this

OH!! Japan.

I made this one larger because I know she'd appreciate it. Hana's a big John Carter fan, you see.

They're tiny and wonderful and full of good times.

I decided to use the camera to focus on capturing the shapes and colours that flood your vision when you're in that part of the world. Blues, yellows, whites, greens. Everything is so vivid and just seems to shine. These were pretty much shot on the first two days, as my eyes were adjusting to the colour explosions.

Open Sea

Mount Vesuvius

Wonky Lifeboat

An Italian Tree of sorts

In The Shadow of Vesuvius

An Island in Early Morning Mist

Such wonderful colours! It was a real treat getting to go around like this. We visited Rome briefly also, but the weather failed me on this day. So I tried to recreate the same sort of framing and everything with the Rome architecture, and actually the colours of the buildings work quite well with the drab skies. The darker shot of the Vatican was taken at early evening instead of mid-afternoon, thus the AWESOME blueish clouds.

There's probably a very fine line between doing travel photography and just wanting to show the internet your holiday photos. Especially in this format. The instant image is such a traditionally vintage way to show people instant moments from places you've visited, people you've met. I wanted to try and capture some moments that were a bit more timeless, rather than the way I'd been using the camera, to shoot people at parties and events.

I did however take some digital images on this trip, so hopefully one day they will grace the digital shine of the internet. It involves a photo of a dog in sunglasses. That's probably about as much as I'll ever be able to offer the world.