Thursday, 23 October 2014

Seven Days of Cosplay

As the title suggests, these might not be the most recent photos. But remember; cosplay is forever, not just during events during the month of May.

A few years ago, I visited the MCM Comic Con. Lots of awesome things to buy and awesome things to look at and things and things and things. I went with a friend, had a laugh and took a camera just to take. The photos captured my memory of the day perfectly, but I really felt like I'd missed a trick by not taking a bit more time and care in actually taking the photos.

Evidently I didn't think any of them were worth having as separate images.
For a photographer, going to these conventions is a load of fun (beside the point that I love most of the stuff they have there anyway). The cosplayers dedication to their image and the time you can see that they have put into their costumes is such a draw for me. You really get to see some fantastic, mind blowing creations, and I hadn't felt like I had captured that on my first trip. So when I decided to visit the convention again this year, in May, I also decided that this time was going to be different. Being a lot more confident than I was two or three years ago, I went, camera in hand, boldly annoying people throughout the entire day. Here are some of my favourite shots that I took

First up we have Raiden and Bladewolf from the wonderful Metal Gear Solid spinoff "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance." Now before we all get worked up again about that absurdity of the word "Revengeance" (although Blogger's spell check definitely won't let me ignore it), let's just take a moment to think about how fun that game actually is and also how fun this is as a double costume. It's definitely not one I would have thought of myself, and think it's a pretty fantastic idea.

These cordyceps fungus sufferers from "The Last of Us" were doing a great job of stumbling around making noises at passers by. That's dedication.

More cosplay teamwork here from some genderswapped Adventure Time characters!

進撃の巨人! There was plenty of Attack on Titan cosplay around, but this Female Titan was one of the best. Especially the eye makeup. Creepy.

The Ice King and his penguins. Probably one of the more original double costumes that was around at the event!

This was by far the best Princess Mononoke that I came across at the event. Definitely the best mask.

Either screaming with pure delight or absolute terror. It's hard to tell sometimes.

No one ever really takes into account the feelings of their Pokemon. Sometimes they just feel a little emotional.

And here to finish is some amazing Futurama cosplay, posed with by my partner in crime!

Such dedication.

So cosplay.

Actually, we can't finish without the classic "Nerd and Storm Trooper" image

I hope everyone going this weekend has fun! No matter how you feel about this convention, you can't deny that it's a whole lot of fun when you do actually go.